Posted in a British knife forum by a recent customer (with his permission):

"The knife was smaller than I was expecting and the blade is about 1/3 thicker than I would have expected too.

The smaller size and non-tactical styling makes the knife very non-threatening in appearance and a good hiking and food prep knife, where such things are allowed.

The extra thickness makes it a good backup tool for impromptu woodcraft or as an acceptable prybar should the need arise. The choil is probably wide and thick enough to act as a guard and yet the blade is sharp enough for slicing.

The sheath holds the knife securely and safely, and is small enough to ride comfortable in the IWB position (inside the waistband, behind the belt) or clipped inside a hip pocket. IWB, with a t-shirt slung over, it is very unobtrusive. The way the clip goes into a recess in the leather makes for a very secure hold that won't come loose in a fast or sloppy draw. It is also secure enough to tie to the belt so that the whole knife can be carried in the pocket and still be drawn one handed in a single motion. I also like the large drainhole which is more functional than on most sheathes. The stitching is very good, although the edge could do with a better wax an burnish.

If you are considering buying one and hiking packing a knife isn't your thing, you might buy a half dozen in different colours; they'd make great high-end steak knives!

All in all, it's probably not how I'd have done it, but I like it a lot more than I thought I would. I didn't read the description carefully and was kind of expecting a larger knife about the size of a chef's knife or small bowie, but as I said, I have no real need for one more of those.

Besides learning from it (my main objective), it's a good knife in it's own right and definitely fills a niche in my collection I didn't know I had." - Dan

See the knife he's talking about!