Welcome to Dragon Cutlery home of artesianal made blades (if it can be used for 3 day old marshmallows I can use it too)


 My name is Brandon Sawisch and I'd like to be your bladesmith I have been hammering out stuff I  would still refer to as my work since late 1995, I  like to use L6, old springs and files in the making of my knives which are with a few exceptions hand forged in my propane fired gas forge. On request (or groveling depending on my mood) I can be talked into using ATS-34 stainless steel and from time to time I will be offering knives in this metal (mood permitting).



If you would like more information on the knives I currently have in stock, please e-mail me with a request or see my for sale page( I try to keep this current but due to work load and show schedule I might have a few knives that are not up on the web). If there are any other knives you would like more information on, if it was seen on my table, or anywhere else, I will gladly take more pictures of them and send them to you, or hunt up whatever other photos I might be able to find, so please email me with the request.


From time to time I am available for custom orders. Drop me an email here and let me know what it is you're looking for.

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